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Ya · es · el · tiempo · para · abrir · tu · corazon

cops - 1 asheville punks - well over a hundred!

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Monday night i was tired by the time i'd gotten home from my trip to Knoxville where i'd gone to gather up the rest of my belongings and a twenty-five dollar check from Social Services. i was struggling to get furniture out of the car when my roommates piling into Chris' car, asked if i wanted to go to the show. Tulsa and some other band worthy of their high accolades, Princess Tiger or something were playing across town. i declined because i had a lot of moving still left to do and i'd also been getting burnt out on all of the drinking that i'd been doing, compounding my frustration about not having a job and thus an ever dwindling supply of cash.
The room was looking good. Things were being put into their places and i'd even done most of the dishes when i hear the car pull back up and excitedly my roommates are shouting as they rush towards the house. "The show got busted by the cops so we're having the show here!" Chris is excited. i hadn't seen him express this much enthusiasm for anything the whole time i've known him. From what i'm hearing while helping my roommates to clear out the basement is that the show got shut down on the count of a noise violation, which is a common occurance in this town. House shows get slammed left and right, often the life span of a new venue can be little more than an hour; this is a problem, a sort of looming crisis that weighs on the community currently since the closing of Gourmet Perks this past week - one of the only all ages show space run by all punk anarchists. As a house, since the closing of Gourmet Perks we've talked about having the shows rescheduled at the house - an idea that is in unaminous agreement but also weary ambivalence. But tonight, on a whim we find ourselves hosting a very big show. The vans are pulling up and people are crowding our drive way in no time. Tulsa comes on the scene and sets up and by this time it's already midnight. When they play the basement is packed and there are people all over outside in the backyard. Tulsa is amaZing. They're fun, they're fast, they're poppy, they're great! All through the first two sets the dancing is so lively and raw. The third band was a group called Big Attack and my roommates Jeni and Mike are good friends with them and had somehow randomly ran into them in town while at the show that got shut down, they're from Philly i guess. They played and not so many people stuck around for them because by this point it's already nearly three in the morning. Big Attack's sound is really polished punk. It's good, but it's probably not something i'd listen to a whole lot, it's hard to say if i could have any kind of emotional connection to their music outside of the live performance because that element was seriously lacking when they played my basement. The kick drum said that they were Socio-Political Dance Punk and while it was something i could dance to, the words from what i understood just seemed a little bit generic to me. They were fine though and all in all the night was a raging success - the fact that we could have a loud punk show till 3am on a Monday night without so much as a neighbor complaint or cops showing up is a testament to the magical abilities we possess as a collective house. The only downside was that a bunch of sleezy scumfucks from Lansing Michigan crashed there for the night and i did not like them at all. We have another show coming up this Friday. Yesterday we had a work day to put together the flyers for the Worker's Collective and i made patches that read Gourmet Punks with the fist spilling a coffee cup. The website was just started as well. Things are going well. People are really excited about the new show space, so many people were like, whoa, this is incredible, we haven't had this kind of thing in asheville for awhile because it always gets taken away from us.
Gourmet Punks - 1,ooo Police - 1
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On June 29th, 2008 08:12 pm (UTC), aworldborn commented:
The band is called Princess Thunderstorm
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